Youth Leadership/College:
Cultivating Confidence- Defy the Social Media Standard

Today’s youth experience more education, technological advances, and opportunities today than any other time in our society. Yet despite these advantages, students are experiencing more anxiety, depression, and burnout than any previous generation.

Their biggest ally in connectedness--social media--has also become their biggest foe, killing confidence and providing an unpoliced platform for cyberbullying, trolling, and exclusion. There are more “influencers” than ever before living out Teenage Dreams, and yet as role models, they’re providing no encouragement or support to their fans. Imposter Syndrome runs high and comparisons turn deadly--especially for young females.

How do we take a generation that’s so disconnected from each other and connect them at an authentic level?  

After hearing Hilary’s effervescently humorous and relatable speech, your audience will:

  • Understand the psychology of social media use and how to filter influences

  • How to understand, discover, and communicate their value-add

  • Be able to translate that value add to get to their dream school, obtain that dream job, or get that dream significant other

  • Feel in control of their emotions regardless of the challenge ahead

  • Know how to cultivate confidence at any given time