Signature Speech: Developing Red Carpet Confidence- Grow Your Confidence, Grow Your Revenue

It may seem like today’s society is breaking more barriers than ever before such as gender barriers, technology barriers, growth barriers and the list goes on. But we find that Imposter Syndrome, that invisible but ever lurking feeling of inadequacy that prevents people from being their unique and authentic self, keeps many of us from reaching our maximum potential or even trying. And, for some it may even keep us from getting out of bed in the morning.

Studies show us that the growing number of people who feel unfulfilled at work and in their personal life is at an all time high and at the same we are experiencing more pressure to succeed than at any other point in history. This is a crippling problem for employers, employees, entrepreneurs, stay at home moms, students and our society as a whole.

Despite our hyper-connected world, we feel alone and constantly measure ourselves against impossible standards, many of which that stem from online personalities and social media. The ever present opportunity of comparison coupled with increasing feelings of self-doubt is impacting not only our confidence, but also our productivity.

Without an understanding of how to choose the proper reference points, where to put your focus, what to believe and why self confidence is the key to getting what you want no one can build an accurate, achievable path to success.

Creating a personal and corporate environment that cultivates confidence is the key to unlocking unstoppable growth.

After hearing Hilary’s powerful, entertaining and enlightening speech, your audience will:

  • Understand the Top 5 confidence killers and how to avoid them

  • Discover the behavioral psychology behind the power of comparison and how it affects their careers, relationships, and overall happiness

  • Feel in control of their emotions, actions and reactions

  • Know how to cultivate confidence on demand, regardless of the personal or professional challenges they’re facing

  • Know how to become more productive and confident in their professional and personal ambitions

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Developing Red Carpet Confidence: Grow Your Confidence & Revenue

Signature Keynote


Cultivating Confidence: Defy the Social Media Standard

Youth Leadership + College Audiences


Commanding Confidence: How To Ditch the Imposter Syndrome and Inadequacy

Women Empowerment Audiences

Youth Leadership/College: Cultivating Confidence- Defy the Social Media Standard

Today’s youth experience more education, technological advances, and opportunities today than any other time in our society. Yet despite these advantages, students are experiencing more anxiety, depression, and burnout than any previous generation.

Their biggest ally in connectedness--social media--has also become their biggest foe, killing confidence and providing an unpoliced platform for cyberbullying, trolling, and exclusion. There are more “influencers” than ever before living out Teenage Dreams, and yet as role models, they’re providing no encouragement or support to their fans. Imposter Syndrome runs high and comparisons turn deadly--especially for young females.

How do we take a generation that’s so disconnected from each other and connect them at an authentic level?  

After hearing Hilary’s effervescently humorous and relatable speech, your audience will:

  • Understand the psychology of social media use and how to filter influences

  • How to understand, discover, and communicate their value-add

  • Be able to translate that value add to get to their dream school, obtain that dream job, or get that dream significant other

  • Feel in control of their emotions regardless of the challenge ahead

  • Know how to cultivate confidence at any given time

Women Empowerment: Commanding Confidence: How To Ditch the Imposter Syndrome and Inadequacy

Whether in a boardroom or rocking a Baby Bjorn, women are fighting stigma, status quo, and themselves in an attempt to have it all. They’re graduating with higher GPAs but lower self-esteem than men. They spend countless paychecks (and amounts of sanity) attempting to fight aging, holding themselves to impossible beauty standards, all the while feeling like they’re failing.

If women fight for their worth or what they believe in, they can be seen as ‘aggressive’ or ‘hysterical’, while their male counterparts may only be considered ‘passionate.’ They’re battling their minds (and each other) for finite executive positions. They question their abilities, skills and career choices. They’re scrutinized if they choose to have children while working. They’re scrutinized if they choose not to have children or marry. Worst of all, they scrutinize themselves for all that and more.

In the pursuit of an answer to whether women can “have it all,” confidence and fulfillment are the price. And that price is higher than we admit.

After hearing Hilary’s authentic, passionate, and witty speech, your audience will:

  • Understand the current status of gender psychology

  • Know how to translate and filter social media influences

  • Know how to cultivate immediate confidence

  • Generate more satisfaction in their relationships, career, and life

  • Understand and constantly be rediscovering their value-add

About Hilary

Hilary Billings is an on-camera host, celebrity interviewer, online influencer and host of the podcast Red Carpet Confidence.  As a former Miss Nevada, producer for E! News and travel host for Norwegian Cruise Line Hilary has been a featured contributor for USA Today, Thrive Global and Huffington Post as well as being featured on Extra! Entertainment TV. As a burn survivor with humorous monologue viral videos and an online audience of millions, Hilary is focused on everything but the superficial. She is a sought after speaker and coach that helps people overcome inadequacy through finding, interpreting and affirming their self-worth.