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As I began a career on-camera and interviewing celebrities, I realized just how detrimental this thought process was to my health, happiness, and personal growth.

And as I continued to meet more high-achievers, influencers, and icons, it became clear that everyone struggles with feelings of inadequacy… yet no-one talks about it.

Now I’m on a mission to help others overcome their fears and cultivate confidence.

I’m Hilary Billings, host of the Red Carpet Confidence podcast [link]. Whether it’s through hosting viral videos, writing, podcasting, or speaking, I aim to empower women to power their dreams.

If you, or someone you know, is an event planner for young female professionals, please consider me as your next guest speaker.

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“Hilary is a charismatic and endearing host and contributor. She covered red carpets, events and attractions in Las Vegas for USA TODAY for years and was a pleasure to work with. Resourceful, dependable and a natural on camera, she offers an entertaining style of reporting, storytelling and relationship building in the entertainment industry and beyond.”

- Ashley Day, Former Travel Editor & Producer for USA Today