That’s Hilary with one “L”, (insert your own Clinton joke here).

I’m an on-camera host, celebrity interviewer, former Miss Nevada, and snack connoisseur. I create motivational comedy videos, deliver keynote speeches, and host the Red Carpet Confidence Podcast.

I’m lucky enough to have trained lions, lived with the Firewalkers in Fiji, and danced with Mark Cuban (there’s not much I won’t try, especially if it’s a Double Dare). But mostly I specialize in caffeine, puppy videos, and finding ways to laugh at myself.


But that's just the filtered profile.

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- Burn survivor
- Mourner of friends’ suicides
- Graduate school reject (fourteen times to be exact)
- Accidentally-published national journalist, and
- Recovering perfectionist

But these experiences have turned me into the Curator of Confidence and Inadequacy Assassin that I am today.

before all the accolades...

I struggled with how my life measured up to those around me. Everyone else looked successful, especially online.

I constantly battled my inner Comparison Monster, only quelling my feelings of inadequacy with fleeting success. But almost immediately, it would creep back in, crippling my progress and joy in life.

Even when I started interviewing celebrities, I wondered if I was good enough. But then, as I started talking to high-achievers, influencers, and celebrities, I realized I wasn’t alone.

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Everyone struggles with debilitating feelings of inadequacy, even top performers. And yet, no-one’s talking about it.

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Together, we can build
Red Carpet Confidence

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Let’s create a movement!

I’m on a mission to help others by facilitating this conversation.

In our hyper-connected age, we need to foster conversation and action around authentic connection and confidence. It’s easy to feel like a million bucks under the perfect circumstances, with the right resources, tools, or team behind you. My goal is to help you achieve those “red carpet confident” feelings and moments, regardless of your life circumstances. 

I created the podcast Red Carpet Confidence to bridge the gap between the highlight reels and the reality, and facilitate a real conversation about how that discrepancy affects us. Each week, I interview high-profile achievers, celebrities, and pro-athletes about their moments of inadequacy and how they overcame them. You can subscribe here

As a keynote speaker, I talk to corporations, women’s groups, and youth leadership on how inadequacy is hindering their productivity, success, and fulfillment in life. By the end of these talks, the audience feels more in control of their life and emotions, and knows how to cultivate confidence on demand. You can go here to find more information on my signature keynotes. 

As a motivational comedy content creator, I strive to inject humor and lightness into our often overly serious opinions of ourselves and others. You can check out some of my videos on Facebook.



How can I help you?

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