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everyone has a good reel…

Producers and media outlets rely on a strong on-camera host to carry their content and capture an audience. Unfortunately, many make their decision solely based off a reel, overlooking some of the most important traits of a great host.

Here are the Top Eight Pitfalls A Reel Can't Show You:

· Preparation. A poor host lacks preparation and research skills to find accurate and up-to-date information on celebrities and event attendees.

· Rapport. A poor host can struggle to build rapport quickly with an interviewee or their team, and pivot questioning when needed.

· Poise. A poor host can flounder when things go awry, causing uncomfortable, if not painful, moments.

· Punctuality. A poor host shows up late, if at all, hopefully dressed presentably, but more often may be donning a look incongruous with your outlet.

· Relationships. A poor host can hurt relationships with event coordinators, publicists, and celebrities, which may keep your outlet from being invited back.

· Experience. A poor host won’t understand the framing of the shot, how to speak and work with the camera crew, and what to do when the weather, lighting, or lineup positioning are not in your favor.

· Production. A poor host won’t fully understand the scope of post-production goals, and therefore hurt the final outcome.

· Reputation. A bad on-camera host can leave a sour association with your outlet at an event, or worse, ruin your company’s reputation in the area.


Don’t let a poor host choice cost you your next viral video.

Make your choice count by working with a professional who brings Red Carpet Confidence to your content.


I've seen it all!

Through my seven years’ experience hosting red carpets, television spots, and digital content for national and international companies, I’ve seen the direct cost of choosing the wrong host. While producers and outlets may say they can get a different host next time around, they never get that event, interview, or opportunity back. What’s worse, a poor experience with your company can lead to future missed opportunities.

By choosing to work with me, you’re guaranteed a professional, accountable host who helps create original and custom content for your needs.

The Benefits of Working with Hilary…

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· Preparation. I provide pre-production team calls to review scope of work, production timelines, and all shoot requirements.

· Polish. My pre-event research will ensure I'm well-versed on red carpet and celebrity attendees, as well as your company's previously filmed videos.

· Punctuality. Expect early arrival for your event or production, with me providing whatever props or attire were scoped.

· Expertise. As a producer who's overseen hundreds of videos for national outlets. I will help ensure we get the shots necessary for our content package.

· Teamwork. There will be an ease of communication with your production team.

· Humor. My impromptu and humor skills engage special celebrity guests and your target audience.

· Viral Potential. My viral video content knowledge can help shape the perspective to the content to generate the most hits possible.

When working with me, you'll feel confident knowing that regardless of what might happen during a volatile live production, you'll walk away with memorable content.

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  About Hilary

Hilary Billings is an on-camera host, celebrity interviewer, online influencer and host of the podcast Red Carpet Confidence.  As a former Miss Nevada, producer for E! News and travel host for Norwegian Cruise Line Hilary has been a featured contributor for USA Today, Thrive Global and Huffington Post as well as being featured on Extra! Entertainment TV. As a burn survivor with humorous monologue viral videos and an online audience of millions, Hilary is focused on everything but the superficial. She is a sought after speaker and coach that helps people overcome inadequacy through finding, interpreting and affirming their self-worth.