Event planners and corporations underestimate the power of a strong event emcee and their impact on the success of their event.

Your emcee (MC) is your figurehead, whether you want them to be or not. Any missteps or liberties they take throughout the night directly reflect on your company. Here are the Top 7 Mistakes a Poor Emcee Will Make:

  • Slowing down the pace of your event, making it choppy and disjointed, leaving holes or mistakes in the schedule glaringly obvious.

  • Mispronouncing names of your executive team, sponsors, or forgetting to mention them all together.

  • Stumbling when things to go wrong and failing to have impromptu conversations with the audience to maintain a smooth flow.

  • Using canned speeches that aren’t customized to your event.

  • Distracting from your chosen mission, leading you and your guests further away from the goal, whether that’s fundraising, appreciation, or entertainment.

These pitfalls cost you money and time, forcing you to shift your focus from streamlining an event to fixing publicity.   They can even drain the enthusiasm out of your night, making your guests feel uncomfortable, and worst of all, make the experience painful for everyone.

You only get one shot at running a successful event- don’t let a poor choice of MC tank your goals.

Through the process of hosting live-events across the US, I’ve seen too many companies suffer these impacts by picking an unprofessional, unseasoned emcee—affecting their relationships with the audience, press, and venue.

By choosing to work with me, a former Miss Nevada and nationally published journalist, you’re guaranteed a professional, engaged emcee that will ensure you’re maximizing your opportunity for a winning event.


Emcee Services Package

As an event emcee, I provide


Preparation. Pre-event calls with your team to familiarize myself with the scope of work, your people, and run of show.

Professionalism. Professional input as a producer, talent wrangler, and media maven on how to continue to level up the event.

Promotion. Professional bio, headshot, and social media post promoting your event to my online audience.

Rehearsal. Sound check and rehearsals, if needed, to lock in the run of show and executive introductions.

Professionalism Appropriate event attire and hair/makeup.

Punctuality. Early arrival to the event, and staying through the committed time-frame.

Customization. Original oratory content, if comedic monologues are requested.

Skill. Memorization of script or ability to read off a teleprompter or use ear prompter if required.

Flexibility Ease when working with celebrity co-hosts

Passion. Passion and investment to ensure your event is the success you want it to be.


Benefits of Working with Hilary

By choosing to work with me, you won’t have to worry about whether your event emcee will show up on time, or at all. You won’t have to stress over whether I’ll bring the right wardrobe or be sober. You won’t have to worry about ensuring I stand on my mark, or can go off-script or handle an emergency situation. You won’t have to worry about whether your audience is engaged or if your host will assist you in getting the job done. You won’t have to worry about whether your event will be memorable, because I will help to ensure it is.

Hilary’s Worked With

Miracle Flights

Agape Animal Rescue


Arthritis Foundation

Food Allergy Relief & Education

Miss United States

“If you are looking for an emcee who takes the time to learn about your mission and
has a passion for getting the crowd excited, Hilary is your girl!“

Tanya Willis- Executive Director of Agape Animal Rescue


  About Hilary

Hilary Billings is an on-camera host, celebrity interviewer, online influencer and host of the podcast Red Carpet Confidence.  As a former Miss Nevada, producer for E! News and travel host for Norwegian Cruise Line Hilary has been a featured contributor for USA Today, Thrive Global and Huffington Post as well as being featured on Extra! Entertainment TV. As a burn survivor with humorous monologue viral videos and an online audience of millions, Hilary is focused on everything but the superficial. She is a sought after speaker and coach that helps people overcome inadequacy through finding, interpreting and affirming their self-worth.